2019/11/25 (MON)

第4回 社会学部ブラウンバックセミナーのご案内

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第4回 社会学部ブラウンバックセミナーのご案内

場所:マキムホールM2階 グローバルラウンジ

Alice Y. H. Hong
Professor & Dean, College of Communication, Fu Jen Catholic University

Social media use in election campaigns :
U.S. vs. Japan vs. Singapore vs. Taiwan.
December12(Thursday) at 12:30, McKim Hall M2, Global Lounge

This study tries to find how social media have been strategically
applied in the major elections in the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan and
Japan. It also hopes to explore the effects of the new campaigning
tools on political participation and voting behavior. The results
showed that social media use seems to have a significant impact on
voting behavior in the U.S.; however, the same results didn’t occur in
Asia. In Singapore, the Internet and social media did not prove to be
game-changers. In Taiwan, social media use did lead to a significant
impact on political involvement but not voting behavior. And in Japan,
many Internet users shy away from politics, controversy and barbed
language, whether greater access to political information in the
digital media is a recipe for closer political engagement is yet to be