2022/06/24 (FRI)






The first Brown Bag Seminar of the school year was held online during lunch on Friday, May 27. The lecturer was Dr. Liliana Morais, a specially appointed associate professor in the Department of Contemporary Culture in the College of Sociology at Rikkyo University, who also teaches the International Society course.

In her lecture, she talked about foreigners living in Japan who are learning and making traditional Japanese crafts. Cool Japan" is a uniquely Japanese sensibility and value system. It goes without saying that Japanese popular culture is gaining popularity around the world. The lecture focused on traditional Japanese crafts, which are often overlooked, and explained the background of how Japan came to be known as the "Land of Crafts," while closely following their daily lives.

Japanese traditional crafts have an image of declining demand and a serious lack of successors due to rapid changes in demographics and industrial structure. However, listening to Liliana's talk, I felt that it is wonderful that people from other countries are attracted to and involved in Japanese traditional crafts.

文責;浅田 陽

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