2022/06/24 (FRI)



第2回ブラウンバッグセミナー「メディア、民主主義そして権力ーMedia, Democracy and Powerー」

開催日時:2022年6月17日 12:40 - 13:15
スピーカー:Timothy Marjoribanks 教授 (Professor, Swinburne University of Technology )

スウィンバーン工科大学教授のTimothy Marjoribanks氏をスピーカーとしてお招きし、第2回ブラウンバッグセミナーが6月17日のランチタイムにオンラインで開催されました。





Brown Bag Seminar “Media, Democracy and Power”

Date; 2022/06/17 0:40 PM- 1:15 PM
Speaker:Timothy Marjoribanks (Professor, Swinburne University of Technology )
Language: English

2nd Brown Bag Seminar was held on June 17th at lunch time. We invited Mr. Timothy Marjoribanks who is a professor of Swinburne University of Technology as a speaker.

In this seminar, professor Marjoribanks told us his research theme; relationship between democracy and media. He lectured not only a political side of relationship democracy and media but also sides of individual and private enterprise such as GAFA. It was impressive that the participants listening to the lecture with interest. He gave us abundant examples and sociological analysis. In addition, during the Q & A session, he answered questions about democracy for him and the ideal form of media. He gave detailed explanations considering the students' understanding. That was an opportunity to get to know deeply.
We are users of social media as well as digital media. And I found out that we receive information through the framework of media. As the professor said, I felt that we should not forget the critical perspective on the elements contained in the information from the media.

The House of Councilors election is coming up in July. I hope that this seminar will once again give participants an opportunity to think about what democracy is and how to use information properly.

Writer: Kanna Ogawa

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