2022/08/08 (MON)

Pacheco先生による第3回社会学部ブラウンバッグセミナー 開催報告



「あなたはどちらを手に入れたい?金、それとも水?ーWhat would you rather have? Gold or Water? ー」

開催日時:2022年7月14日 12:40 - 13:15
スピーカー:Vladimir Douglas Pacheco Ceuva 氏 (Professor, Aarhus University)

Vladimir Douglas Pacheco Ceuva 氏をスピーカーとしてお招きし、第3回ブラウンバッグセミナーが7月14日のランチタイムにオンラインで開催されました。





Brown Bag Seminar “What would you rather have? Gold or Water?”

Date; 2022/07/14 0:40 PM- 1:15 PM
Speaker:Vladimir Douglas Pacheco Ceuva (Professor, Aarhus University)
Language: English(Japanese was available)

The 3rd Brown Bag Seminar was held online on July 14th at lunch time, with Mr. Vladimir Douglas Pacheco Ceuva of .

In this seminar, he talked about the relationship between minerals and water resources, which is his research theme. Prof. Pacheco explained the situation surrounding today's water resources and industry using slides with many maps, photographs, and diagrams. Although it was held online, the seminar had a very good atmosphere with over 40 people attending. In
addition, during the question and answer session, he gave detailed explanations according to the understanding of the students, and it was an
opportunity to deepen not only the knowledge of the seminar but also the thoughts and personality of the professor.

Minerals are already essential resources for many people. From decorative items such as accessories to digital devices such as smartphones and personal computers, our lives are supported by metals. Usually, I have almost no chance to think about what kind of route the things I use have followed. This seminar gave me an awareness of the connection between myself and the world.

There are a mountain of global issues on a national basis, including environmental problems. Ultimately, however, it boils down to individual activities. For the audience, I hope that this seminar will be an opportunity to have an awareness of the connection, even if it is a small thing that individuals can do.

Writer: Kanna Ogawa

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